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Think I’ll go for a walk run. With that Monty Python mention out of the way, you know you are not addicted** when you go to a morning run and someone greets you with “Hi Andy – what are you doing today” and you reply back with “Just working around the house doing housework, a wedding this afternoon….<insertlongsilence>……ohhhhhhh…..you mean how far am I running today!”

Now that may or may not have happened this morning.

I actually wasn’t sure if I was going to run this morning – I woke up just before the alarm, grabbed my bagel, coffee and pills and then caught up on my blogs. My legs were still aching a bit from Thursday evening’s run so I was going to take the morning off, but one of the blogs I was reading mentioned how you should pack the excuses in and just get out and run. So I did and enjoyed it. It was a hot run and it will be interesting to see how the running goes as the heat progress’s – I’ll definitely be looking for more shady places to run – Thursday nights run was nice in the shade but the sun beating down is not much fun – especially as I have to keep covered up/sun screen lathered on to prevent myself from burning (although a 1hr run is probably the maximum I can do in the heat).

Any tips for running in the sun or shady/local to Dublin/NW Columbus running routes? ¬†Anyone else ever answered with their daily to-do list when asked by a runner what they are doing today – or just answered “6” when a non runner asks what are you doing today and then wonder why they look at you with a puzzled look on their face?

**The alternative reason of course could be a lack of caffeine in the morning.