[wprunkeeper activity=”71345034″]Last week was probably the best week of running that I’ve had so far with the furthest distance in a day, in a week (more than 15 miles) and the longest amount of time for a run after I managed over 6.2 miles (10k distance) last Saturday afternoon. It was a great run but it’s taken over a week to recover with my left knee hurting. It didn’t help that I also banged the knee in the car door during the week. I went out to join the Turtles group on Thursday night but only managed to run about 1/2 mile before I decided it was going to hurt too much to even think about running for 40 minutes and I didn’t want to injure myself anymore.

Thankfully the knee doesn’t seem to be as bad today so I may be able to get a shorter run in tomorrow. It is pretty frustrating to have a really good run and then be sick.  Having said that, the last time this happened I was off for about 2 months and needed surgery.