[wprunkeeper activity=”73532566″]The miles are starting to creep up now. Having run the 10k a couple of weeks ago, this was the time for a 7 mile run.  I wanted to do a different run so I found an out and back run along the Heritage trail in Hilliard towards Plain City.

This is a very easy run – very flat and with a choice of running either on tarmac or on the gravel next to the track.   Unfortunately this day was pretty windy and the wind was blowing against me all the way out. I figured this would be ok as it would mean an easier run on the way back. I think the addition of the wind balanced out the tiredness as my average pace seemed to always be a 10:34 mile. Considering I am doing the 5:1 run walk ratio, I’m pretty pleased with this time.

After the run I figured I was going to ache the following day after the longest run so I went to Kroger to get some epsom salts as I figured a nice hot bath soak would be so much better than an ice bath.  Walking around Kroger in the air conditioning felt freezing but the bath felt really good.

Later that night I was thinking that the salts weren’t the miracle cure that they seemed to be made out to be, but the following day, Sunday my legs felt good and I was almost ready to go running Sunday night.

However the next couple of days have been really busy at work and getting ready for my trip to start my international running debut!