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I went to the Dr’s today to get my left leg checked out after the pain I’ve had at the last couple of runs. Naturally (before) I went to see them and my leg didn’t really hurt much so it was hard to explain what the problem was, but after being examined, poked and prodded my leg is now hurting again 😉  Not as bad as it has been but certainly more painful than first thing this morning.

I was glad when they could actually find a tender spot on my leg as it had just felt painful everywhere with nowhere specific but there is a bone sticking out of the left of my left knee that sounded like they said globulus maximus (but I know that is not right and sounds like a character from an Asterisk book) and that is where the pressure point was.

Anyway, it all comes down to an IT band issue and they’ve given me some exercises to do at home, physical therapy appointments and a follow up for 3 weeks time. No mention of dropping out of the marathon so that is really good news – lets hope the therapy and exercises do the trick.