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My leg is still hurting and I haven’t run since Aug 3rd and I’m due to see the doctor on Tuesday but it sounds like I might have meniscus problems on my left leg now. Either way it is still very painful to straighten and the outside ITBand is also painfule (but that could be the meniscus – lets hope so).

Therefore I’ve made the hard decision to pull out of the Columbus Marathon as there is no way I’d be able to run that distance after having surgery sometime in the next few weeks (I hope – the last wait was a month and way too long to hobble everywhere although this time the pain isn’t as bad as the right leg).

So – if you haven’t signed up for the Columbus Marathon yet and would like a discounted registration then please let me know – You pay less than the current $105 and I get some of my registration money back.  There is a $25 transfer fee that you as the recipient will pay to Columbus and then we can discuss a reasonable balance to keep us both happy 😉

Transfer deadline is August 31st